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Title-Page-medRez“Start with what is right rather than what is acceptable.”    Franz Kafka

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Drosselmeyer    (fiction)  [Kindle Edition]


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There exists a hidden kingdom called the Inner City . . . it is a city at war with itself and all who would oppose it . . .
Within this unseen world of financial intrigue and evil, the Sugar Plum Fairy is the CEO of the Santa Clause Corporation, a blackmail operation run by a powerful faction called the Nazi-International. She is responsible for orchestrating an underground paedophile ring known as the Pink Ballet . . .
When a Hungarian transsexual is horrifically murdered, a chain of events is unleashed . . . An asset codenamed CLARA mysteriously disappears in a deadly game of espionage involving the shadowy Nutcracker, and only one man seems to know the answer: Drosselmeyer.
Thus begins the dream-like journey of your honorary correspondent . . . a journey into the depths of the Inner City . . .

Bizarro sci-fi realism with a random dash of surrealist license―a spy novella for our times.  Buy on Amazon now!


Salvage Zone 1     (Pilot issue – graphic novel) [Kindle Comic]

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“Know that from the day they began to build their cities beneath the Earth to the day the Sun spewed forth the comet Kalishtar, there have been personages of very dark persuasion awaiting . . . They await resurrection . . . to re-emerge as gods!” — Psychosphere Chronicles

A lone ex-lawman travels into the wastelands of Salvage Zone in search of the daughter of an executed convict, unaware he is about to become embroiled in a violent power struggle over a resurgent slave trade operating out of the rogue prison city of M’Arlash.
Generations ago, a virulent pathogen was released to reduce the world population by ninety percent! The perpetrators of this global crime retreated into secretly constructed underground cities hoping to later re-emerge as gods into a pristinely regenerated wilderness free from the scourge of human overpopulation . . . But something went wrong . . .
A cataclysm has radically altered Earth’s environment and severely damaged the advanced secret technologies needed to establish a new global order where all surviving humans are restricted to specially designated Urban Centres.
Desperate to reassert control over the Earth, the newly formed Urban Centres have created ‘Salvage Zones’ where the devastated ruins of past civilisations are mined for much needed resources.
Salvage Zones are lawless lands, toxic deserts and rancid jungles populated by genetically altered creatures and desperately poor prospectors battling for survival against predatory gangs . . . with only the occasional lawman sent amongst them . . .
. . . Here are the first two parts to the Salvage Zone 1 saga, a disturbingly humorous journey into the surreal heart of darkness that is the future . . . Buy on Amazon Kindle now!


Gig-Set: Soundcheck & 4-Track Divas  (fiction)  [Kindle Edition]

                       Feelings and conversations on the road to the Inner City … An initiation . . .

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“Okay . . .” she says. “That was different . . .”

The road to the Inner City starts here . . .
. . . a story of boy meets girl meets 4-track recorder . . . so where did it all go wrong?

A surreal anti-memoir on the art of the bedroom demo, multi-track politics, and the generation we might never yet become . . .
. . . and don’t miss the B-sides . . .

This is a novelette-length prequel to the Troy D. McLachlan novella Drosselmeyer. Buy on Amazon Kindle now!


The Saturn Death Cult      (non-fiction)  [Kindle Edition]

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The Saturn Death Cult is an investigation into ancient planetary upheavals that heralded the birth and destruction of a fabled Golden Age.

It attempts to trace how, following the demise of this Golden Age, mankind then degenerated into the obsessive pursuit of wealth and power through the perverted horrors of slavery, child sacrifice and mass-murder rituals.

The author poses a solution for why the planet Saturn is portrayed in mythology as our original sun where it was said to be fixed in the heavens at Earth’s celestial north and from where it watched over the ancients like the All-seeing Eye of god.

An explanation is then forwarded explaining why today’s frightening sex-murder cults and secret societies are nothing more than a twisted, yet deadly legacy of a time when people yearned for the rebirth of the planet Saturn as our original sun and source of life and light. This is linked to the ancient practice of money lending and the consequences of this practice for today’s international financial crisis.

The conclusion is reached that there is a disturbing occult connection to the planet Saturn and its influence over a perceived worldwide collective march towards fulfilling a terrifying elitist agenda of ‘justifiable’ global genocide. Buy on Amazon Kindle now!


Cosmos in Collision (non-fiction)  [Kindle and Print versions available]

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Take a journey into a darkened age before time began.

Contrary to the perceived wisdom of modern science, the ancients tell us Earth began life as a satellite of the planet Saturn long before the appearance of the Sun, moon and stars.

This was Earth’s purple dawn of creation, a twilight dreamtime stretching back into an ageless past before the light of day entered the world. Here, amongst mankind’s oldest memories, is a long-lost era in which our ancient ancestors battled for survival in a semi-nocturnal world devoid of any ability to mark the passage of time.

Cosmos in Collision is a radical exploration into ancient mankind’s own version of our prehistory, a profoundly new take on the existence of life before a catastrophic collision of two primordial planetary systems came to shape the solar system as we know it today.

Rejecting the increasingly untenable explanations modern science promotes for the formation of our solar system, Cosmos in Collision correlates the witness of world mythology with a startlingly new hypothesis for human origins. It establishes a grand alternative vision for mankind’s place in the early history of our cosmos, asking essential question along the way, like:

-Why do the ancients insist Saturn was our first and best sun?
-Why does world mythology always place the planet Saturn and the abode of the gods at Earth’s celestial north where the Pole Star is today?
-Why do ancient texts speak of an age of darkness existing long before a fabled Golden Age when Saturn ruled the heavens in splendid brilliance?

. . . And, most intriguingly. . .
Why were humans seemingly so ill adapted for this primordial Age of Darkness, when the nocturnal flourished and survival of the fittest took on an entirely new and sinister meaning?

Cosmos in Collision answers these and other questions as to what life was like on a primeval Earth trapped for millennia beneath a volatile sub-brown dwarf star called Saturn. It then presents evidence for the existence of a former world, other than Earth, which may hold the key to mankind’s ultimate origins; a world close enough for humanity to study, explore and eventually colonize within a generation.

Jupiter as a brown dwarf star; as seem from the wet primordial surface of the Jovian moon Ganymede.
Jupiter as a brown dwarf star; as seen from the wet primordial surface of the Jovian moon Ganymede.

Packed with informative illustrations, Cosmos in Collision provides some of the most provocative and controversial solutions to mankind’s eternal desire to know from whence we came . . . and where we should be going. Buy on Amazon Kindle now!